In August 2014, the Department of Marketing at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business will begin offering an online Master of Science in Marketing Research program. After four successful cohorts of the full-time MSMR program, the online program seeks to reach a new kind of student—the working professional.  Camille Nicita, CEO at Gongos Research and Vice-Chair of the MSMR Advisory Board, stated, “Beyond the program’s already dynamic and progressive curriculum, the move to introduce this [online] program is an ardent example of MSU’s ability to listen to its target market needs and incite action accordingly. A true role model, espousing the behaviors it wishes to see in its students.”

The 19-month program is designed to provide an opportunity for students to achieve a master’s degree while working full time. The hybrid format consists of on-campus and online courses. The on-campus courses will take place within two one-week sessions and one 12-day session. The online courses will be delivered during weekly “live class time.” This format provides students with the flexibility they seek when pursuing a graduate degree and the confidence to achieve their educational and career aspirations.

The online program consists of the same courses, taught by the same professors, as the full-time program, and students will be held to the same academic standards. Like the graduates of the full-time MSMR program, the online MSMR graduate will be skilled in traditional marketing research techniques such as experimental design, sampling, data collection and analysis, as well as leading-edge marketing technologies, methodologies, and software packages. In addition, students in both programs gain consultative and communication skills needed by today’s marketing research professionals.

Graduates from the MSMR program are equipped to immediately help their employers identify solutions to a range of business challenges such as creating new products, developing effective messages, and framing business strategies.

R. Dale Wilson, Professor of Marketing and Department Chair, stated, “Demand continues to be high for our full-time program, but we often get requests for a format that will allow working professionals to get an advanced degree without having to leave their jobs.” Richard Spreng, Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of the program, added, “The online program was developed with extensive feedback from our advisory board. They were very clear that the program needed to have some face-to-face component, and that is why we designed it with three short on-campus residency periods.”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts a 32% growth of market research jobs from 2012-2022, making it one of the fastest growing occupations in the nation. The Department of Marketing is confident this new online program will become another avenue to develop the next generation of business and marketing leaders.

For additional information, contact Dr. Richard Spreng or see the MSMR website.