In a report recently published by MSU Placement Services, statistics on job placement for May and Summer 2013 graduates of the School of Hospitality Business are nothing less than a remarkable 98 percent. It noted that, with a response rate of 88 percent, 95 percent accepted employment, and 3 percent chose graduate degrees, travel, or have alternative plans. The average salary was $37,632 and the average number of job offers were 1.8. The students who reported indicated that a career fair and/or their internships were the foremost methods by which they found employment.

“This is not surprising,” says the School’s Student and Industry Resource Center (SIRC) Director Authella Collins Hawks. “Each year we host CAREER EXPO – our 36th this Fall. It features numerous professional development programs taught by industry executives and a career fair that brings in over 60 of the most prestigious companies in the hospitality industry who are searching for great students for internships and permanent placements. In addition, our curriculum requires two meaningful internships that are provided by companies across the globe. These experiences are closely monitored and evaluated. Having CAREER EXPO and required internship experiences enable our students to stand out.”

In addition to internships and a world-class SIRC office, the School has, over many decades, used a winning formula in its curriculum, focusing on management, operations, real estate investment, and a “think like the owner” perspective for all of its students. A Real Estate Investment Management Specialization for a select set of students serious about hotel real estate development and asset management is also available, with internships provided by very dedicated school Alumni and renowned industry partners such as Jones Lang LaSalle, Hotels and Hospitality Group, who will be honored this year at CAREER EXPO as the School’s Industry Partner of the Year.

Extensive leadership opportunities for all students also help to make them excellent candidates for potential employers. The School is known for its nine industry-associated clubs, each led by a student executive board and overseen by the Hospitality Association, the oldest hospitality student association in the country. In addition, three other executive boards and a team of student volunteers orchestrate major events each year: CAREER EXPO, Destination Auction, and Les Gourmets.

Also important in the 98 percent placement rate is the reputation of the School’s students, who are known for rolling up their sleeves, adhering to a dedicated work ethic, and mastering the tasks at hand! Once again, SIRC plays a role in this. Ms. Hawks and the SIRC team have developed very close relationships with top companies and recruiters who will readily admit to their bias for Spartan Hospitality Business graduates. She also points out, “Our esteemed Alumni, who are employed worldwide, also assist in connecting our students to numerous opportunities.”

“Our faculty, our staff, our alumni, and of course, our fantastic students themselves contribute to a learning environment that makes our graduates successful,” says Ms. Hawks. “These latest statistics confirm what employers already know: The School is The Leader – in hospitality business education.”