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Students in the logistics doctoral program at Broad work closely with faculty from the onset of their program to ensure the best preparation for academic life – including working on supply chain management research projects that eventually lead to publications in top-tier academic journals. The program links the traditional areas of logistics research and development with faculty expertise in the areas of demand management and forecasting, logistics operations and modeling, logistics strategy and relationship management. Both empirical and analytical methods are examined in the program to provide students with the skill sets necessary to succeed in their chosen stream of research.


Below are selected publications by faculty who work in the logistics doctoral program.

Stanley E. Griffis


Curt B. Moore, G. Tyge Payne, Chad W. Autry, Stanley E. Griffis. (2016) “Project Complexity and Bonding Social Capital in Network Organizations.” Group & Organization Management. May, 1-35.


Bell, John E. Autry, Chad W., Griffis, Stanley E., (2015) “Supply Chain Interdiction as a Competitive Weapon.” Transportation Journal. 54(1), 89-103.


Griffis, Stanley E., Autry, Chad W., Thornton, LaDonna M., ben Brik, Anis (2014) “Assessing Antecedents of Socially Responsible Supplier Selection in Three Global Supply Chain Contexts.” Decision Sciences. 45(6), 1187-1215.

Melnyk, Steven, Zobel, Christopher W., Macdonald, John, Griffis, Stanley E. (2014) “Making Sense of Transient Responses in Simulation Studies.” International Journal of Production Research. 52(3), 617-632,


Whipple, Judith M., Griffis, Stanley E., and Daugherty, Patricia J. (2013) “Conceptualizations of Trust: Can We Trust Them?” Journal of Business Logistics. 34(2), 117-130.

Fleming, Christopher L., Griffis, Stanley E., Bell, John E. (2013) “The Effects of Triangle Inequality on the Vehicle Routing Problem.” European Journal of Operations Research. 224(1):1-7.


Griffis, Stanley E., Rao, Shashank, Goldsby, Thomas J., Voorhees, Clay M., Iyengar, Deepak, (2012) “Linking Order Fulfillment Performance to Referrals in Online Retailing: An Empirical Analysis.” Journal of Business Logistics. 33(4), 278-292.

Griffis, Stanley E., Whipple, Judith, M., (2012) “A Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Evaluation Model: Proposing a Risk Priority Continuum.” Transportation Journal. 51 (4), 428-451.

Porterfield, Tobin E., Macdonald, John R., Griffis, Stanley E., (2012) “An Exploration of the Relational Effects of Supply Chain Disruptions.” Transportation Journal. 51 (4), 399-427.

Griffis, Stanley E., Bell, John E., Closs, David J., (2012) “Metaheuristics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.” Journal of Business Logistics. 33(2), 90-105.

Griffis, Stanley E., Rao, Shashank, Goldsby, Thomas J., Niranjan, Tarikere T., (2012) “The Customer Consequences of Returns in Online Retailing: An Empirical Analysis.” Journal of Operations Management. 30 (4), 282-294.


Rao, Shashank, Griffis, Stanley E., Goldsby, Thomas J. (2011) “Failure to Deliver?  Linking Online Order Fulfillment Glitches with Future Purchase Behavior.” Journal of Operations Management. 29 (7-8), pp 693-703.

Rao, Shashank, Goldsby, Thomas J., Griffis, Stanley E., Iyengar, Deepak (2011) “Electronic Logistics Service Quality (e-LSQ):  Its Impact on the Customer’s Purchase Satisfaction and Retention.” Journal of Business Logistics. 32 (2), pp. 167-179.

Payne, G. Tyge, Moore, Curt B., Griffis, Stanley E., Autry, Chad W. (2011) “Multilevel Challenges and Opportunities in Social Capital Research.” Journal of Management. 37 (2), 491-520.

Wilcox, William, Horvath, Philip A., Griffis, Stanley E., Autry, Chad W. (2011) “A Markov Model of Liquidity Effects in Reverse Logistics Processes: The Effects of Random Volume and Passage.” International Journal of Production Economics. 129 (1), 86-101.

Bell, John E., Griffis, Stanley E. Cunningham, William J., Eberlan, Jon (2011) “Location Optimization of Strategic Alert Sites for Homeland Defense.” Omega, The International Journal of Management Science. 39 (2), 151-158.


Bell, John E and Stanley E. Griffis (2010), “Swarm Intelligence: Application of the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to Logistics-Oriented Vehicle Routing Problems.” Journal of Business Logistics. 31 (2), 157-175.


Autry, Chad W., Stanley E. Griffis (2008), “Supply Chain Capital: The Impact of Structural and Relational Linkages on Firm Execution and Innovation.” Journal of Business Logistics. 29 (1), 157-173.


Griffis, Stanley E., Thomas J. Goldsby, Martha C. Cooper, and David J. Closs (2007), “Aligning Logistics Performance Measures to the Information Needs of the Firm.” Journal of Business Logistics. 28 (2), 35-56.


Goldsby, Thomas J., Stanley E. Griffis and Anthony S. Roath (2006), “Modeling Lean, Agile, and Leagile Supply Chain Strategies.” Journal of Business Logistics. 27 (1), 57-80. Winner – The Bernard J. LaLonde Award for Best Paper in JBL 2006.


Autry, Chad W., and Stanley E. Griffis (2005), “A Social Anthropology of Logistics Research: Exploring Productivity and Collaboration in an Emerging Science.” Transportation Journal. 44 (4), 27-43.

Autry, Chad W., Stanley E. Griffis, Thomas J. Goldsby, L. Michelle Bobbitt (2005), “Warehouse Management Systems: An Initial Assessment, Empirical Analysis and Research Agenda.” Journal of Business Logistics. 26 (2), 165-183.


Griffis, Stanley, Martha C. Cooper, Thomas J. Goldsby and David J. Closs (2004), “Performance Measurement: Measure Selection Based Upon Firm Goals and Information Reporting Needs.” Journal of Business Logistics. 25 (2), 95-118.


Griffis, Stanley E., Thomas J. Goldsby, and Martha C. Cooper (2003), “Web-Based and Mail Surveys: A Comparison of Response, Data and Cost.” Journal of Business Logistics. 24 (2), 237-258.

Stanley Lim


Lim, S.F.W.T., Richards, T.J., Rabinovich, E. and Choi, M. 2022. Scan based trading and bargaining equilibrium: A structural estimation of supply chain profit. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, forthcoming.


Lim, S.F.W.T., Gao, F. and Tan, T.F. 2021. Slow and steady, or fast and furious? An empirical study about omnichannel demand sensitivity to fulfillment lead time. Management Science (Major revision).

Lim, S.F.W.T., Rabinovich, E., Lee, S. and Park, S. 2021. Estimating stockout costs and optimal stockout rates to improve the management of ugly produce inventory. Management Science (Major revision).

Lim, S.F.W.T., Rabinovich, E., Park, S. and Hwang, M. 2021. Shopping activity at warehouse club stores and its competitive and network density implications. Production and Operations Management, 30(1): 28-46.


Lim, S.F.W.T. and Winkenbach, M. 2019. Configuring the last-mile in business-to-consumer e-retailing. California Management Review, 61(2): 132-154.

Jason W. Miller


Miller, J. W. 2017. “Discrete Time Hazard Modeling of Large Motor Carriers’ Longitudinal CSA Performance.” Transportation Journal. Forthcoming.

Miller, J. W. 2017. “A Multivariate Time Series Analysis of Motor Carrier Safety Behaviors.” Journal of Business Logistics.

Miller, J. W. & Saldanha, J. P. 2017. “Do New Entrants Become Safer over Time?” Transportation Journal.

Miller, J. W., Saldanha, J. P., Rungtusanatham, M., & Knemeyer, A. M. 2017. “How Does Driver Turnover Affect Motor Carrier Safety Performance and What Can Managers Do About It?” Journal of Business Logistics.

Miller, J. W., Golicic, S., & Fugate, B. 2017. “Developing and Testing a Dynamic Theory of Motor Carrier Safety?” Journal of Business Logistics. In Press.

Davis-Sramek, B., Fugate, B. S, Miller, J. W, Germain, R., Izyumov, A., & Krotov, K. 2017. “Understanding the Present by Examining the Past: Imprinting Effects on Supply Chain Outsourcing in a Transition Economy.” Journal of Supply Chain Management. 53(1): 65–86.


Miller, J. W., Fugate, B., & Golicic, S. 2016. “How Organizations Respond to Information Disclosure: Testing Alternative Longitudinal Performance Trajectories.” Academy of Management Journal. In Press.

Miller, J. W., & Saldanha, J. P. 2016. “A New Look at the Relationship between Financial Performance and Safety: A Longitudinal Growth Perspective.” Journal of Business Logistics 37(3): 284–306.

Schwieterman, M. A., Miller, J. W. 2016. “Factor Market Rivalry: Towards an Integrated Understanding of Firm Action.” Transportation Journal. 55(2): 97–123.


Mellat-Parast, M., Golmohammadi, D., McFadden, K., Miller, J. W. 2015. “Linking Business Strategy to Service Failures and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from the U.S. Domestic Airline Industry.” Journal of Operations Management. 38(1): 14–24.

Stromeyer, W. R., Miller, J. W., Murthy, R., & DeMartino, R. 2015. “The Prowess and Pitfalls of Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling: Important Considerations for Management Research.” Journal of Management. 41(2): 491–520.


Rungtusanatham, M., Miller, J. W., & Boyer, K. K. 2014. “Theorizing, Testing and Concluding for Mediation in SCM Research: What to Do, What Not to Do.” Journal of Operations Management. 32(3): 99–113.

Saldanha, J. P., Miller, J. W., Hunt, C. S. & Mello, J. E. 2014. “Linking Formal Controls to Motor Carrier Performance: Curvilinear and Interaction Effects.” Transportation Research Part E. 64(1): 28–47.

Fawcett, S. E., Waller, M. A., Miller, J. W., Schwieterman, M. A., Hazen, B. T., & Overstreet, R. E. 2014. “Editorial: A Trail Guide to Publishing Success: Tips on Writing Influential Conceptual, Qualitative and Survey Research.” Journal of Business Logistics. 35(1): 1–16.


Miller, J. W., Saldanha, J. P., Hunt, S., & Mello, J. E. 2013. “Combining Formal Controls to Improve Firm Performance.” Journal of Business Logistics. 34(4): 301–318..

Miller, J. W., Stromeyer, W. R., & Schwieterman, M. A. 2013. “Extensions of the Johnson-Neyman Technique to Linear Models with Curvilinear Effects: Derivations and Analytical Tools.” Multivariate Behavioral Research. 48(2): 267-300.

Goldsby, T. J., Knemeyer, A. M., Miller, J. W., & Wallenburg, C. M. 2013. “Measurement and Moderation: Finding the Boundary Conditions in Logistics and Supply Chain Research.” Journal of Business Logistics. 34(2): 109–116.

Judith M. Whipple


Roh, Joseph, Virpi Turkulainen, Judith M. Whipple, and Morgan Swink (forthcoming), “Understanding the Organizational Change Process for Supply Chain Management Organizations.” International Journal of Logistics Management.


Whipple, Judith M., Robert Wiedmer, and Kenneth K. Boyer (2015), “A Dyadic Investigation of Collaborative Competence, Social Capital and Performance in Buyer-Supplier Relationships.” Journal of Supply Chain Management. 51(2): 3-21.


Whipple, Judith M., Stanley Griffis, and Patricia J. Daugherty (2013), “Conceptualizations of Trust: Can We Trust Them?” Journal of Business Logistics. 34:2, 117-130.

Roh, Joseph, Judith M. Whipple, Kenneth K. Boyer (2013), “The Effect of Single Rater Bias in Multi-Stakeholder Research: A Methodological Evaluation of Buyer-Supplier Relationships.” Production and Operations Management Journal. 22:3, 711-725.


Griffis, Stanley and Judith M. Whipple (2012), “A Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Evaluation Model: Proposing a Risk Priority Continuum.” Transportation Journal. 51:4, 428-451.


Nyaga, Gilbert and Judith M. Whipple (2011), “Relationship Quality and Performance Outcomes: Achieving a Competitive Advantage.” Journal of Business Logistics. 32:4, 345-360.

Speier, Cheri, Judith M. Whipple, David J. Closs and M. Douglas Voss (2011), “Global Supply Chain Design Considerations: Mitigating Product Safety and Security Risks.” Journal of Operations Management. 29:7-8, 721-736. Winner, JOM Jack Meredith Best Paper of the Year Award and Stan Hardy Award.

Allaway, Arthur W., Patricia Huddleston, Judith M. Whipple, and Alexander E. Ellinger (2011), “Customer-Based Brand Equity, Equity Drivers and Customer Loyalty in the Supermarket Industry.” The Journal of Product and Brand Management. 20:3, 190-204.


Whipple, Judith M. and Joseph Roh (2010), “Quality Fade and Agency Theory in Buyer-Supplier Relationships.” The International Journal of Logistics Management. 21:3, 338-352.

Richey, R. Glenn, Anthony S. Roath, Judith M. Whipple, and Stanley E. Fawcett (2010), “Exploring a Governance Theory of Supply Chain Management: Barriers and Facilitators to Integration.” Journal of Business Logistics. 31:1, 237-256Bernard J. La Londe Best Paper Award in the Journal – 2010.

Nyaga, Gilbert N., Judith M. Whipple, and Daniel F. Lynch (2010), “Examining Supply Chain Relationships: Do Buyer and Supplier Perspectives on Collaborative Relationships Differ?” Journal of Operations Management. 28:2, 101-114.  Finalist, JOM Jack Meredith Best Paper of the Year Award based on 5-year impact.

Whipple, Judith M., Daniel F. Lynch, and Gilbert N. Nyaga (2010), “A Buyer’s Perspective on Collaborative Versus Transactional Relationships.” Industrial Marketing Management. 39:3, 507-518.


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Whipple, Judith M., M. Douglas Voss, and David J. Closs (2009), “Supply Chain Security Practices in the Food Industry: Do Firms Operating Domestically and Globally Differ?” International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management. 39:7, 574-594.

Huddleston, Patricia, Judith M. Whipple, Rachel Nye Mattick, and So Jung Lee (2009), “Customer Satisfaction in Food Retailing: Comparing Specialty and Conventional Grocery Stores.” International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management. 37:1, 63-80.


Jones, Kraig, Kellie Curry Raper, Judith M. Whipple, Diane Mollenkopf, and H. Christopher Peterson (2007), “Commodity-Procurement Strategies of Food Companies: A Case Study.” Journal of Food Distribution Research. XXXVIII:3, 37-53.

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Frankel, Robert, Thomas J. Goldsby, and Judith M. Whipple (2002), “Grocery Industry Collaboration in the Wake of ECR.” International Journal of Logistics Management. 13:1, 57-72. Accenture Award for Best Paper in the Journal – 2002.

Anselmi, Kenneth, Robert Frankel, and Judith Schmitz Whipple (2002), “Performance in Product Versus Service Supplier Relationships.” Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing. 9:1, 27-43.


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Whipple, Judith Schmitz and Julie J. Gentry (2000), “A Network Comparison of Alliance Motives and Achievements.” Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. 15:4/5, 301-322.

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