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For more than 40 years the Supply Chain Management Council has supported the teaching, research, and business involvement of MSU faculty and students in Procurement/Supply Management, Operations, and Logistics. Today’s globally competitive environment and increasing emphasis on quality, sustainability, efficiency, customer service and responsiveness have made supply chain management more critical than ever.

As MSU’s SCM program prepares future leaders for industry, the SCM Council helps fund the operating expenses supporting extracurricular activities such as national student competitions and numerous student experiential learning, networking, and leadership activities. SCM Council support for these activities is a vital factor in achieving and maintaining our ranking by U.S. News & World Report as the #1 undergraduate supply chain management business program in the USA since 2010.


The SCM Council supports education and academic activities through funding, advice on curriculum, classroom case development, undergraduate leadership development, career readiness, job search skills, internship recruitment, cooperative learning and full-time employment opportunities.

Criteria for Membership

Membership on the SCM Council is either by invitation or request and we ask for an initial three-year commitment with an annual contribution.

Role of Members

SCM Council members are encouraged to connect with and recruit students from the SCM program for internships, co-operative work or full-time entry-level positions; to participate in the annual SCMA Career Fair and Council meetings; and to engage with students and faculty in classroom and extracurricular activities. Assistance in these efforts will be provided by the Corporate and Student Relations Office.

Value Proposition for Members

Members become closely affiliated with one of the most respected supply chain management educational programs in the nation, which gives them strong name recognition among students and faculty and enhances their reputation among business peers. Member company names are showcased in several ways (in our lobby – an entryway for visitors and a meeting space for students, SCMA General Membership Meetings, other student forums and corporate events). Members can participate in Mock Interviews, Case Competitions, hosting student tours, take part in classroom presentations, work with faculty on applied research projects with faculty members and doctoral students, and Capstone Course projects. Also, the Department of Supply Chain Management shares detailed information on recruiting, salaries, current research, collaborations, and other relevant topics at SCM Council meetings.  SCM Council member companies can be partner in state of the art in supply chain research, in addition to educational and recruitment opportunities with students.

Value Proposition for SCM

For MSU, membership funds help to create a standard of excellence in supply chain management education, enabling the Department of Supply Chain Management to provide superior knowledge and educational products.