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Advisory Corporate/Non-Profit Board

The purpose of the Corporate/Non-Profit Advisory Board is to help guide and shape the work and focus of the Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leadership. This board will do this by sharing their extensive experience, their exposure to issues around ethics and social responsibility within their industry and outside, and their ideas on social responsibility and leadership. They will be individuals who have an affinity for the Broad College of Business and/or Michigan State University and who want to help positively influence the next generation of Business leaders.

Expectations from the members

  • Actively participate in bi-monthly meetings for the duration of your one-year term. The meetings are expected to be duration of two hours. These meetings will facilitate exchange of center specific information, and brainstorming ideas for the future and the following six months.
  • Term for an advisory board member will run for a duration of two years. Terms will start in January and July, and End in December and June. An individual can serve on the advisory board for a maximum of two terms by electing to continue in the role. To continue being on the advisory board, the individuals must commit to the following:
  • Engage with the Center in one or more of the following ways:
    • A willingness to engage in at least one educational event per year during your term. Activities include presentation, dialogues, conferences, webinars, symposia, case study competitions, debates on ethics/ESG related topics.
    • A willingness to share connections within your personal and professional networks that would be relevant to the work of the Center and help expand center initiatives such as curriculum development, research, outreach, and experiential learning opportunities.
    • Help identify funding opportunities to help move Center initiatives forward and grow center activities to impact its stakeholders. This can be done by sponsoring events, donations and/or assist with fundraising activities for the center.
    • Provide up to 4 significant and impactful Service-Learning opportunities annually.
  • Engage with the CESRL leadership team to help identify programming opportunities and/ or gaps, identify possible content experts for presentations/educational events, share innovative ways that organizations are being a force for good within their communities, and share current trends within specific industries for ethics and social responsibility.
  • Help to identify local, national, and international organizations that could provide opportunities for students to obtain immersive co-curricular experiences.

Benefits of being on the advisory board

  • Members and their organizations will be featured on the Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leaderships webpage
  • Donors/Sponsors will be publicly acknowledged
  • Opportunity to Directly impact and influence the next generation of Business Leaders within the Broad College of Business and student and faculty engagement
  • Frequent networking opportunities with other likeminded leaders who value strong ethics, using business as a force of good.

How members are selected/identified

We want to build a team with comprehensive experiences that span the six departments within the Broad College of Business (Accounting Information Systems, Finance, Hospitality Business Management, Marketing and Supply Chain). We want to have a team that represents all students within the Broad College of Business.

  • Former Alumni from Michigan State University
  • Thought leaders from local, statewide, national, and international organizations from for profit and not for profit settings on ethics and social responsibility.

Nomination process

Nomination for being on the advisory board of the center can be done by current advisory board members, Center Leadership, and/or College Leadership. The Center Leadership will seek out potential individuals across the college spectrum as the board is composed. All nominated members in the center’s steady state will be vetted by the Center Board. The goal of the process will be to create an inclusive mix of Board members from for-profit, not-for-profit, worlds across gender, race and ethnicity, faculty/students and other members. Center Leadership in concert with College Leadership and other advisory board members will select Board Members from the nominees.


The following questions will be considered when reviewing Board Member nominations:

  • Does the addition of the board member make the board more diverse and representative of the audience it serves?
  • Do we have a balance across the Broad College Business disciplines?
  • Has the member demonstrated involvement/interest/activity around Social Responsibility and Ethics?
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Experiential Opportunities

Experiential opportunities are project specific partnerships with local and international organizations. Think of this as a mini-internship opportunity where students put into practice what they are learning in the classroom in a meaningful way. These projects can be as little as 2 hours a week for 4-6 weeks or more intensive.

Have a project that our graduate or undergraduate students might be able to assist with? Contact Beth Hammond at or (517) 353-4299.

Current Projects

  • Redhead Design

    Redhead Design specializes in brand strategy and marketing for social change. This focus is the result of a long-held belief: It is our responsibility to leave the world a better place than we found it. All people, places, and environments have the fundamental right to thrive. Our tasks as humans is to ensure the safety and success of those who follow us.

    They are looking for a Marketing major to help them create and deploy a strategy to support the Williamston Theatre. This theatre puts on very well produced shows. Redhead has been working with them recently on the beginning stages of brand development and marketing strategy.

    The task before us

    • Develop and codify a brand platform that positions them appropriately, helps them communicate their value to audiences, and provides a solid and consistent foundation for subsequent marketing efforts.
    • Develop marketing strategies to support the organization’s goals
    • Begin to outline tactics for achieving said strategies.
    • Present to the client (which the student can participate in if they choose to do so), and discuss what next steps might look like for all involved.

    The time the commitment being a total of 10-16 hours of time to get through platform and strategies, depending on the student’s skill level. That would be spread over the course of a few weeks.

  • Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity is a national non-profit organization that works together with families, local communities, volunteers, and partners from around the world so that more people are able to live in affordable and safe homes. Habitat for Humanity’s advocacy efforts focus on policy reform to remove systemic barriers preventing low-income and historically underserved families from accessing adequate, affordable shelter.

    Habitat for Humanity also has Re-stores in the greater Lansing area. This is a great fundraising opportunity for Habitat for Humanity. They are looking for 4 students to help with an awareness strategy for a new Restore location, an intentional strategy to increase store revenue and how to establish a procurement process with other local businesses.

  • Lansing Built to Last

    Lansing Built to Last is an effort that was founded in 2020 as a competition to help new business ventures open successful brick and mortar stores in downtown Lansing. The winners are given support with space, marketing, insurance, consulting support for the first year of operation.

    Lansing Built to Last will be starting this years contest in February of 2023. Stay tuned for specific details of the project they will be looking for support with.

  • Lansing Promise

    Lansing Promise was created to support the 10,000 students in the Lansing School District to make attending Community College or a 4 year University financially possible for more students. There are 10 “Promise Zones” across the state of Michigan, including Lansing. This program starts to support students as early as elementary school to implement a long term strategy to help students be prepared to succeed after High School.

    More details about the specific projects the Lansing Promise is looking for will be coming soon!

  • Michigan Bridge Program

    Michigan Bridge Program is an organization that provides IT training for individuals with any type of disability. They are looking to partner with undergraduate or graduate students with a Human Resources concentration to help create virtual training sessions for their cohorts getting ready to enter the workforce.

    Michigan Rehabilitation Services is an organization that helps people with disabilities find employment opportunities across the state. They are looking to partner with undergraduate or graduate students with a Human Resource or Marketing concentration to build an effective onboarding program, and to build a marketing campaign to increase the number of local partners they work with.

Interested? Submit your resume to Beth Hammond at:

Questions? Email Beth at or give her a call at (517) 353-4299

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