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The Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leadership will be offering a wide variety of programs to engage with all students around the topics of ethics and social responsibility. While our programs are geared toward the students within the Broad College of Business, we welcome anyone from the MSU campus to join us.

Presentation Options and Requests

The Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leadership is happy to come and speak to large or small groups, classes, or any student organization. We can tailor a presentation to meet your specific needs. A list of presentations given prior are below:

  • Ethics, Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship
  • An Introduction into Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Leadership in Action
  • A Current Event Case Study and Ethics

Interested in having someone from the Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leadership come talk with your group? Email or call Beth Hammond at or (517) 353-4299.

Experiential Opportunities

Experiential opportunities are project specific partnerships with local and international organizations. Think of this as a mini-internship opportunity where you put into practice what you are learning in the classroom in a meaningful way. And it will look outstanding on your resume.

Current Projects:

Redhead Design specializes in brand strategy and marketing for social change. This focus is the result of a long-held belief: It is our responsibility to leave the world a better place than we found it. All people, places, and environments have the fundamental right to thrive. Our tasks as humans is to ensure the safety and success of those who follow us.

They are looking for a Marketing major to help them create and deploy a strategy to support the Williamston Theatre. This theatre puts on very well produced shows. Redhead has been working with them recently on the beginning stages of brand development and marketing strategy.

The task before us

  • Develop and codify a brand platform that positions them appropriately, helps them communicate their value to audiences, and provides a solid and consistent foundation for subsequent marketing efforts.
  • Develop marketing strategies to support the organization’s goals
  • Begin to outline tactics for achieving said strategies.
  • Present to the client (which the student can participate in if they choose to do so), and discuss what next steps might look like for all involved.

The time the commitment being a total of 10-16 hours of time to get through platform and strategies, depending on the student’s skill level. That would be spread over the course of a few weeks.

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Case Competitions

Case competitions are an opportunity for students to work in teams to analyze a problem specific to a case study, and strategically develop the best solution(s) within the case study guidelines by a certain date. Teams deliver presentations for judges and, these are great opportunities to hone your critical thinking skills, your presentation abilities, and looks great on your resume. And there is typically prize money at stake as well!

Michigan State University Teams Currently Competing in:

International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition

Teams of 3-5 members compete in 3 competitions during the event:

  • The 25-minute competition, in which teams will present a business problem of their choosing, give a full presentation analyzing the ethical, sustainable, legal and financial aspects of a problem, and present a solution that is viable on all fronts.
  • The 10-minute competition, in which teams will incorporate the suggestions given the by judges during the 25-minute presentation and give a 10-minute presentation on the ethical aspect of the problem.
  • The 90-second elevator pitch explaining the importance of the sustainability component of the problem.

The online divisions will compete on April 10 and 11. IBESCC staff will work with teams to find presentation times that will accommodate the schedules of individuals in different time zones. The winners for all divisions will be announced the evening of Friday, April 14 at the Awards Ceremony, which will be live-streamed.

Application Dates

  • January 31, 2023: Application Due
  • February 24, 2023: Team Topic Due
  • March 13, 2023: Executive Summary Due

The Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leadership will pay the participation fee for two teams from Michigan State University for the online division of the competition.

Interested in being on a team? Email your resume to Beth Hammond at

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Upcoming Competitions

The Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leadership will be hosting the first annual Ethics in the New Case Competition for undergraduate students in the Broad College of Business on Friday, April 7th. Teams of 4 students will compete to address all ethical and business implications for a current day ethical situation.

Prize money will be awarded to the top three teams in the following amounts:

  • First Place: $1,200 total or $300 per team member
  • Second Place: $800 total or $200 per team member
  • Third Place: $500 total or $125 per team member

More information on how to register a team will be available by March 2023.

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Codes of Ethics from Professional Associations and Societies

As business professionals, you will be held to certain expectations around ethical and appropriate conduct. There are some universal principles, such as integrity and respect, but each discipline emphasizes different areas of conduct based on the ethical needs of that profession. Review the Codes of Ethics for your major’s professional associations to ensure you act in line with those expectations.

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