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The Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leadership will be offering programming to complement what Broad College of Business students are learning in the classroom. We will be working with our esteemed faculty to offer extracurricular programming for students as well as offering professional development opportunities for faculty around integrating ethics and social responsibility into curriculum across the college.

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Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows program connects Broad College faculty to the Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leadership by highlighting the research competencies that are a part of the college within the broader domain of ethics. In addition, fellows are an integral part of the Center’s mission to educate and elevate our students’ understanding of ethics and socially responsible leadership in action. Faculty fellows will be current or emeritus faculty members from Michigan State University who have experience in teaching or research related to aspects of ethics or topics related to social responsibility.

What faculty fellows will do

  • Actively participate in two meetings each semester, during the academic year (September and November, February and April), for the duration of their term. These meetings will facilitate an exchange of center-specific information as well as brainstorming ideas for the following six months and the long-term future.
  • Engage with the center in a minimum of one of the following ways:
    • Priority invitations to student and community events that involve the center.
    • Lead or engage in at least one educational event per year during their term: presentations, dialogues, conferences, webinars, symposia, case study competitions, debates on ethics/ESG-related topics.
    • Share connections within their personal and professional networks that would be relevant to the work of the center and help expand center initiatives such as curriculum development, research, outreach and experiential learning opportunities.
    • Serve as a judge for case competitions around the topics of ethics or social responsibility.
    • Engage with the center’s leadership team to help identify programming opportunities or gaps, identify possible content experts for presentations and other educational events, share innovative ways that organizations are being a force for good within their communities, and share current trends within specific industries for ethics and social responsibility.
    • Become a voice in their home department on ethics and social responsibility.

Benefits of being a faculty fellow

  • Potential opportunities to partner with external organizations on experiential learning projects for pursuing research.
  • Opportunity to directly impact and influence the next generation of business leaders within the Broad College of Business.
  • Access to potential grant opportunities that can fit their competencies, via the CESRL Listserv.
  • Fellows featured on the Center for Ethical and Socially Responsible Leadership webpage.
  • Acknowledgement in the center’s annual reports.

How faculty fellows will selected

Faculty fellows may be invited to the program, nominated by colleagues or nominate themselves. Both teaching and research fellows are welcome. We are especially looking for faculty representation across all six Broad College departments (Accounting and Information Systems, Finance, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and the School of Hospitality Business).

Engage With CESRL

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Curricular Mini-Grants

The center is sponsoring a set of six curricular mini-grants to be provided to instructors who have plans to better infuse ethics and/or social responsibility content in one or more courses in 2023 or 2024.

We will award up to six grants, with a maximum of $2,000 per grant. Each request will be scored by center directors on the following criteria.

Curricular Mini-Grant Criteria

Primary criteria (scored 1-10)
  • Relevance to ethics and/or social responsibility
  • Expected impact on students’ engagement and learning
  • Realistic plan for implementation
Secondary criteria (scored 1-5)
  • Number of students affected
  • Opportunity for instructor’s pedagogical development
  • Reusability of output for future semesters
  • Need for funding to realize the described impact

The highest-scoring application from each Broad College department will receive a grant. If there are no applications from some departments, the remaining grants will be distributed to the highest-scoring applicants who were not yet awarded, provided their proposal has an acceptable score (5 or higher) on the three primary criteria.

Apply for a Curricular Mini-Grant

Applications must be submitted by November 10, 2023, for consideration. Awards will be announced by December 15.

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Matching Grant Speaker Series

The purpose of the Matching Grant Speaker Series is to support educational efforts around ethics and social responsibility that are taking place at a department level.

CESRL encourages and supports department-level opportunities to bring in thought leaders to engage and educate our students and faculty colleagues regarding issues of ethics or social responsibility in direct relation to each major.

Each department can invite a speaker of their choice. CESRL has allocated $2,000 per department per year, to be distributed as matching funds last.

Conditions for the matching grant:

  • The speaker must present on a topic related to ethics and social responsibility.
  • The department chair must have already approved the matching funds for the request being submitted.
  • Total funds allocated for the department must not exceed $2,000. However, CESRL will make every effort to consider grants in excess of $2,000 for each department, depending on fund availability and allocation fairness considerations.

Department considerations

Faculty members who want to apply for the grant should coordinate with their department chairs. CESRL will not release matching funds without confirmation from the department, such as an email, committing the additional funds for the speaker’s visit.

Should departments not use all their allocated dollars for a speaker series, CESRL will allocate those extra dollars to other departments that have an open speaker slot, with no matching requirements.

Application is on a rolling basis through the academic year. The center and the department will coordinate speaker series dates to ensure that there are not multiple speakers for the same series. Departments should widely promote the speaker’s presentation as a joint Department-CESRL Speaker Series.

Announcements for speakers in the series will be made as speakers are confirmed.

After the speaker’s presentation, departments must provide an abstract of the seminar and a count of attendees for CESRL records.

Apply for the Matching Grant Speaker Series

This is a rolling grant, on a first-come, first-serve basis as funds last.

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Research Grants

The purpose of CESRL Research Grants is to support the ongoing development of new knowledge around ethics and social responsibility. This research will elevate the educational experiences of the students within the Broad College of Business as well as continue the national conversation around innovative aspects of how ethics and social responsibility impact all practices of business in our global society.

CESRL invites proposals for research grants from individuals within the college. The grant’s primary investigators must be full-time faculty in the Broad College, and the award should primarily be used to purchase data, conduct surveys or lab experiments, etc. Two grants will be awarded, up to a maximum of $9,000 each. More than two grants may be awarded depending on budgets available to support research efforts. For data requests more than $9,000, CESRL will require the primary investigators to seek support from their department to fill the balance.

CESRL will prioritize supporting research opportunities for assistant professors and doctoral students within the Broad College. Research funding will be decided by CESRL in collaboration with the Institute of Business Research. Funds will be available once per academic year.

Funded applicants must also be willing to present in a speaker series with CESRL to share findings from the data. For purchased data, we may request that the grant awardees share the purchased data with rest of the college. In that sense, we will prioritize data purchases that also have cross-departmental value.

Apply for a Research Grant

Applications must be submitted by November 10, 2023, for consideration. Awards will be announced by December 15.

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