Professional headshot of Adam Covington (B.A. Hospitality Business ’02), vice president of hospitality and strategy with Levy Restaurants

Adam Covington (B.A. Hospitality Business ’02), vice president of hospitality and strategy at Levy Restaurants

As part of its ongoing effort to serve students with professional development opportunities, the School of Hospitality Business has launched the SIRC Summer Series, featuring alumni and industry leaders. On July 22, the series welcomed alumnus Adam Covington (B.A. Hospitality Business ’02), a veteran of the hospitality industry, to connect with fellow Spartans.

For the majority of his career, Covington has worked in events and event planning. He has assisted in the NCAA Final Four, NASCAR races and PGA Tours, among countless other high-profile happenings.

“I am honored to say that I am still working in the profession for the degree I chose over 20 years ago,” Covington said. “When I decided to major in hospitality business when I was graduating from high school, I never would have guessed I would be doing what I am now.”

Since 2018, Covington has served as the vice president of hospitality and strategy with Levy Restaurants, which handles all food service operations for many major event centers, including Detroit’s Ford Field. Prior to his current role, Covington spent over 10 years with the company over his career.

In addition to speaking about his experience with Levy, Covington offered insights into the world of event planning and the current global pandemic. “During COVID-19, learning from others is more important than ever,” he said. “The ability to adapt and to pivot to an ever-changing environment is so instrumental to success during these times.”

Sarah Michelson, a recent hospitality business graduate and employee of SIRC, said, “As a student interested in the event planning industry, it was fascinating to hear Adam recount his experiences with planning and executing these mega events. My major takeaway is the importance of being willing to work long and difficult hours at the beginning of your career.”

While reflecting on his career, Covington made note of his time at MSU and the Broad College. “So many aspects of my college career prepared me for my career. Everything from study abroad, student clubs and the actual classroom experience,” he said. “I give so much credit to my career success to the School of Hospitality of Business at MSU.”

Covington felt honored by the chance to speak with students and hoped his journey served as inspiration.

“The professors and speakers I had while I was at MSU were so impactful, and I remember them to this day. I hope that I can have that same impact on the students today,” he said. “If a student can just gain one new piece of information that will help them today or tomorrow, it is worth it.”