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Best wishes to graduating Broad Spartans in the Class of 2022

By Chelsea Stein
Monday, December 19, 2022

Commencement is a special time where faculty, staff, alumni, friends, family and loved ones celebrate the achievements of graduating Spartans. At Michigan State University’s fall semester commencement festivities, held Dec. 16–17, more than 5,000 graduates received their degrees, with more than 190 advanced degree graduates and 240 undergraduates from the Broad College of Business.

Accounting senior Darryl Ervin was chosen by the senior class council to represent the student body and speak at the undergraduate ceremony on Saturday morning. During his senior year, he was selected as one of 25 students selected for the inaugural Lee Elder Internship, an immersive experience at the U.S. Open.

To the Breslin Center audience, Ervin described some of his experience at MSU, having to balance the responsibility of being a first-generation student along with being a husband, a father and a leader of his nonprofit, SLS Detroit.

“I share this part of my story with you all to encourage you as we transition into what society calls the ‘real world.’ I encourage you all to have faith in your future,” he said. “Have faith that your next step is a step in the right direction. Have faith that all the hours of work that you put in put you in the seats that you are in today.”

“Life has a funny way of making us think we cannot make it, or that one particular moment is just too tough for you to bear,” Ervin continued. “I ask you, fellow Spartans, when moments like these arise, to never forget our beloved slogan: ‘Spartans Will!’”

As part of the celebrations, the Board of Trustees also recognizes graduating seniors each semester with awards for achieving the highest scholastic average: a 4.0 GPA. For the Class of 2022, seven Broad Spartans were honored on the list of 52 graduates:

  • Marissa Burk, an accounting senior and a member of the Honors College, who represented the Broad College on this year’s Homecoming Court
  • Henrik Holland, a supply chain management senior and a member of the Honors College
  • Chloe Jaessing, a finance senior and a member of the Honors College
  • Abhishek Kasipuram, a marketing senior
  • Katie Lazarz, a finance senior
  • Andrew Peluso, a finance senior
  • Ana Buelna Pineda, a finance senior

As with each commencement celebration, this time is filled with accomplishment, pride and gratitude. We know that these newly minted graduates will transform into the next generation of problem solvers, creators and leaders, inspiring the future of business. Best wishes to all graduating Broad Spartans in the Class of 2022!

Relive the celebration by viewing recordings of the livestreamed events at

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