Sarah Phillips

Sarah Phillips

Sarah Phillips, vice president of Client Consulting at Gongos, Inc., delivered her communication course to the Broad College of Business’s Master of Science in Marketing Research (MSMR) Spring Cohort.

Serving as instructor of special topics in marketing, Sarah will be focusing her class on communication for impact and consulting in marketing research.

In her current position she manages relationships between client data and market research teams. After extracting key insights from analytics, Sarah leads industry decision makers through the process with her bottom-line thinking and creative presentations.

This semester’s course focuses on teaching students how to know their audience and be able to present the data to them in a convincing and attention-grabbing narrative. Her methods are largely based on the S3 idea of synthesizing, storytelling and socializing.

During the seminar, Sarah engaged the students with real-life interactive exercises that required them to draw analysis from a given set of data, create visual representations of this data that did not involve traditional graphs and charts and create captivating and informational headlines for slides in what-would-be a client presentation.

Throughout her seminar students practiced how to identify the main business problem/challenge and draw key insights from the data researched on those problems or challenges.

From this point, they created their recommendations based on evidence found and created a bottom-line for the “client.”

Sarah’s methods for consulting were clear, concise and creative, while also giving students the chance to gain hands-on experience and gather insight about what a role in consulting would entail in their future.