As our digital landscape expands, the importance for marketers to look to the future is no surprise, and students in Michigan State University’s Masters of Marketing Research program at the Broad College of Business are getting recognized for their research that does just that. Their studies are included in the American Marketing Association’s 2016 Gold Global Top 25 Report.

American Marketing AssociationThe AMA is a voice in the world of marketing that leads discussion on trends, solutions, best and future practices.

The report captures seven studies conducted by the MSMR students, along with an introduction to the report by MSMR faculty Michael Brereton. The studies focused on how the marketing research industry is evolving and provides insight for how future practices may be affected.

The seven studies on market intelligence included looking at predictive analytics, social media, data visualization and enterprise feedback management. Their predictions: predictive analytics and data visualization will grow and prove important in the future.

“Predictive analytics, data science and machine learning are becoming more mainstream for companies trying to improve their ability to find insights in customer behavior,” said Valerie Schroder, a recent graduate of the MSMR program and now associate manager of consumer insights at the Wendy’s Company. “It’s complementary, an obvious extension of the business.”

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