Michael McCall

NAMA Endowed Professor of Hospitality Business Michael McCall

NAMA Endowed Professor of Hospitality Business Michael McCall writes Office Hours, a bi-weekly column about current issues facing hospitality professionals, on MarketScale. This week McCall expands upon his previous topic, which discussed value propositions, to better understand the value of customer loyalty. “Today’s discussion will take these concepts into the customer loyalty space to understand how firms might begin to capture that customer value,” McCall wrote.

McCall provides a brief history and a fast forward to get you up to speed on the topic, so you’re ready for the next column where McCall “…will consider in depth what these new data-driven [loyalty] programs have not accomplished.”

McCall earned his Ph.D. from Arizona State University and has held academic positions at Ithaca College and Cornell University. His research focuses on the role of customer reward programs, loyalty, rebate programs, and consumer behavior. He currently serves on the editorial boards of Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly and the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research. His work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Hospitality Research and has appeared in the Journal of Applied PsychologyCornell Hospitality QuarterlyJournal of Socio-Economics, and the International Journal of Hospitality Management.