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The Ph.D. in Operations and Sourcing Management program at Michigan State is considered to be one of the elite programs in the world. Faculty are widely recognized for their research and teaching reputation and they partner closely with students in the program. Doctoral students are exposed to a variety of empirical and analytical research methods that provide them with the right set of skills to undertake rigorous research work in their areas of interest.


The following are some of the focus areas of faculty and selected research papers. You can click on respective faculty links to see a sample of their research, and focus areas.

Li Cheng

Adrian Choo

Chandu Manchiraju

Steven Melnyk

Sriram Narayanan

Tobias Schoenherr

Srinivas Talluri

Shawnee Vickery

Han Zhang

Li Cheng

Focus areas: Strategic sourcing, Behavioral supply chain management, Supply chain disruption, Diversity, equity and inclusion.

Wang, Q., Cheng, L., Craighead, C.W., & Li, J.J. (2022) “The role of locus of causality and buyer attribution in mitigation of recurrent supplier-induced disruptions.” Journal of Operations Management, 68(1), pp.55-93.

Cheng, L., Craighead, C.W., Crook, T.R., & Eckerd, S. (2021) “Leaving it on the table? An examination of unrealized bargaining power in multimarket buyer-supplier exchanges.” Journal of Operations Management, 67(3), pp.382-406.

Cheng, L., Craighead, C.W., Wang, Q., & Li, J.J. (2020) “When is the supplier’s message ‘loud and clear’? Mixed signals from supplier-induced disruptions and the response.” Decision Sciences, 51(2), pp.216-254.

Adrian Choo

Focus Areas: Innovation, Problem solving, Learning, Process improvement

Choo, A.S., Chandrasekaran, A. and Chinaprayoon, C., 2020. The Role of Domestic and Foreign Knowledge Inflows on the Relationship between R&D Portfolio Mix and Innovation Outcomes: An Empirical Study of Manufacturing Firms in an Emerging Economy. Decision Sciences, 51(2), pp.349-394.

Choo, A.S., 2019. Solving Problems Efficiently in R&D Projects: An Empirical Study of the Application of Six Sigma Tools in an Industrial Research Center. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Choo, A.S., 2019. Solving Problems Efficiently in R&D Projects: An Empirical Study of the Application of Six Sigma Tools in an Industrial Research Center. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Choo, A.S. and Grabowski, M.R., 2018. Linking Workplace Safety to Operational Disruptions: A Moderated Mediation Analysis in Commercial Vessels. Journal of Business Logistics, 39(4), pp.282-298.

Choo, A.S., 2014. Defining problems fast and slow: The u‐shaped effect of problem definition time on project duration. Production and Operations Management, 23(8), pp.1462-1479.

Choo, A.S., Nag, R. and Xia, Y., 2015. The role of executive problem solving in knowledge accumulation and manufacturing improvements. Journal of Operations Management, 36, pp.63-74.

Chandu Manchiraju

Focus Areas: Pricing and Revenue Management, Airline Operations Management, Technology Management.

Manchiraju, C., Dawande, M., Janakiraman, G., Raghunathan, A., 2023. Dynamic Pricing and Capacity Optimization in Railways, forthcoming, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.

Manchiraju, C., Sohoni, M., Deshpande, V., 2023. It’s Not Simply Luck: The Impact of Network Strategy, Schedule Padding, and Operational Improvements on Domestic On-Time Performance in the US Airline Industry, forthcoming, Production and Operations Management.

Manchiraju, C., Dawande, M., Janakiraman, G., 2023. A Note on State-Independent Policies in Network Revenue Management, forthcoming, Operations Research.

Manchiraju, C., Dawande, M., Janakiraman, G., 2022. Multiproduct Pricing with Discrete Price Sets, Operations Research, 70(4): 2185-2193.

Steven Melnyk

Focus Areas: Strategic supply chain management, Performance measurement and standards, Behavioral supply chain management, Sustainability, Risk/Cybersecurity.

Thürer, M., Tomašević, I., Stevenson, M., Blome, C., Melnyk, S., Chan, H.K. and Huang, G.Q., 2020. A systematic review of China’s belt and road initiative: implications for global supply chain management. International Journal of Production Research, 58(8), pp.2436-2453.

Macdonald, J.R., Zobel, C.W., Melnyk, S.A. and Griffis, S.E., 2018. Supply chain risk and resilience: theory building through structured experiments and simulation. International Journal of Production Research, 56(12), pp.4337-4355.

Melnyk, S.A., Flynn, B.B. and Awaysheh, A., 2018. The best of times and the worst of times: empirical operations and supply chain management research. International Journal of Production Research, 56(1-2), pp.164-192.

Melnyk, S.A., Bititci, U., Platts, K., Tobias, J. and Andersen, B., 2014. Is performance measurement and management fit for the future?. Management Accounting Research, 25(2), pp.173-186.

Wu, S.J., Melnyk, S.A. and Flynn, B.B., 2010. Operational capabilities: The secret ingredient. Decision Sciences, 41(4), pp.721-754.

Sriram Narayanan

Focus Areas: Supply Chain Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, Supply Chain Innovation, Supply Chain Management, Technology Management, Healthcare Management, Operational Productivity

Narayanan, S., Balasubramanian, S., Swaminathan, J.M. and Zhang, Y., 2020. Managing uncertain tasks in technology‐intensive project environments: A multi‐method study of task closure and capacity management decisions. Journal of Operations Management, 66(3), pp.260-280. (Lead Article)

Srinivasan, R., Narayanan, S. and Narasimhan, R., 2017. An investigation of justice, conflict, and moderating effects of supplier autonomy and cultural distance in buyer–supplier relationships. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 65(1), pp.6-20.

Jacobs, B.W., Kraude, R. and Narayanan, S., 2016. Operational productivity, corporate social performance, financial performance, and risk in manufacturing firms. Production and Operations Management, 25(12), pp.2065-2085.

Narayanan, S., Narasimhan, R. and Schoenherr, T., 2015. Assessing the contingent effects of collaboration on agility performance in buyer–supplier relationships. Journal of Operations Management, 33, pp.140-154.

Narayanan, S., Swaminathan, J.M. and Talluri, S., 2014. Knowledge diversity, turnover, and organizational‐unit productivity: An empirical analysis in a knowledge‐intensive context. Production and Operations Management, 23(8), pp.1332-1351.

Narayanan, S., Balasubramanian, S. and Swaminathan, J.M., 2009. A matter of balance: Specialization, task variety, and individual learning in a software maintenance environment. Management science, 55(11), pp.1861-1876.

Tobias Schoenherr

Focus Areas: Sourcing strategies, Buyer-supplier relationships, Supplier Innovation

Wang, Z., Schoenherr, T., Zhao, X. and Zhang, S., 2019. Intellectual Capital, Supply Chain Learning, and Adaptability: A Comparative Investigation in China and the United States. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Schoenherr, T., 2018. Leveraging Suppliers for Product Innovation Performance: The Moderating Role of Intellectual Capital. Transportation Journal, 57(4), pp.365-398.

Schoenherr, T., Bendoly, E., Bachrach, D.G. and Hood, A.C., 2017. Task interdependence impacts on reciprocity in IT implementation teams: Bringing out the worst in us, or driving responsibility?. Production and Operations Management, 26(4), pp.667-685.

Schoenherr, T. and Wagner, S.M., 2016. Supplier involvement in the fuzzy front end of new product development: An investigation of homophily, benevolence and market turbulence. International Journal of Production Economics, 180, pp.101-113.

Schoenherr, T. and Swink, M., 2015. The roles of supply chain intelligence and adaptability in new product launch success. Decision Sciences, 46(5), pp.901-936.

Srinivas Talluri

Focus Areas: risk management, buyer-supplier relationships, performance evaluation, and sustainability

Yildiz, H., Yoon, J., Talluri, S. and Ho, W., 2016. Reliable supply chain network design. Decision Sciences, 47(4), pp.661-698.

Narayanan, S., Swaminathan, J.M. and Talluri, S., 2014. Knowledge diversity, turnover, and organizational‐unit productivity: An empirical analysis in a knowledge‐intensive context. Production and Operations Management, 23(8), pp.1332-1351.

Talluri, S., DeCampos, H.A. and Hult, G.T.M., 2013. Supplier rationalization: A sourcing decision model. Decision Sciences, 44(1), pp.57-86.

Swink, M., Talluri, S. and Pandejpong, T., 2006. Faster, better, cheaper: A study of NPD project efficiency and performance tradeoffs. Journal of Operations Management, 24(5), pp.542-562.

Talluri, S., Chung, W. and Narasimhan, R., 2006. An optimization model for phased supplier integration into e-procurement systems. IIE Transactions, 38(5), pp.389-399.

Shawnee Vickery

Focus Areas: operations strategy, supply chain integration, product and process modularity, and health care management.

Vickery, S.K., Koufteros, X., Dröge, C. and Calantone, R., 2016. Product modularity, process modularity, and new product introduction performance: does complexity matter?. Production and Operations management, 25(4), pp.751-770.

Vickery, S.K., Koufteros, X. and Droge, C., 2013. Does product platform strategy mediate the effects of supply chain integration on performance? A dynamic capabilities perspective. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 60(4), pp.750-762.

Vickery, S.K., Droge, C., Setia, P. and Sambamurthy, V., 2010. Supply chain information technologies and organisational initiatives: complementary versus independent effects on agility and firm performance. International Journal of Production Research, 48(23), pp.7025-7042.

Vickery, S.K., Droge, C., Stank, T.P., Goldsby, T.J. and Markland, R.E., 2004. The performance implications of media richness in a business-to-business service environment: Direct versus indirect effects. Management Science, 50(8), pp.1106-1119.

Vickery, S.K., Jayaram, J., Droge, C. and Calantone, R., 2003. The effects of an integrative supply chain strategy on customer service and financial performance: an analysis of direct versus indirect relationships. Journal of operations management, 21(5), pp.523-539.


Han Zhang

Focus Areas: Socially responsibility in supply chains, Supply networks

Han Zhang, Goker Aydin, and Rodney P. Parker. 2020. Social Responsibility Auditing in Supply Chain Networks. Working Paper.

Han Zhang, Ruth Beer, and Kyle D. Cattani. 2020. Building Alliances for Corporate Social Responsibility. Working Paper.

Han Zhang, Goker Aydin, and H. Sebastian Heese. 2020. Curbing the Usage of Conflict Minerals: A Supply Network Perspective. Working Paper.

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