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Commemorating a year of student organizations’ achievements

By Haley Tran and Taylor Hindman, student writers
Monday, March 11, 2024

The Broad College’s reputation is not only attributed to its esteemed faculty and staff but also to the exceptional caliber of its students. In addition to their commitment to academic excellence and career development, many Broad Spartans are actively enhancing their community through participation in student organizations.

All students are encouraged to engage with the Broad College’s 50+ student organizations as this involvement provides both personal and professional growth. Students involved in organizations proactively tackle key issues within the college and the broader MSU community while advocating for student voices. As 2024 is underway, let’s reflect on the accomplishments of our student organizations in the 2023 calendar year.

Fostering brotherhood and elevating student well-being

Phi Chi Theta, one of Broad’s co-ed business fraternities, boasts a membership of 120+ individuals with diverse professional interests and backgrounds. This fraternity places a strong emphasis on both professional development and community service while cultivating robust bonds among its members and nurturing an extensive alumni network. Phi Chi Theta not only prioritizes the professional growth of its members but also ensures their overall well-being and success throughout their college journey.

Finance sophomore Jonathon Biter is the fraternity’s marketing chair. “After becoming an active member of Phi Chi Theta I felt a new sense of pride and a desire to give back to the organization,” he said. “Over the past three semesters, my bond with my pledge class has grown stronger. We now navigate classes together, collaborate in the Minskoff [Pavilion] for studies and spend our spare time hanging out.”

Over the past year, the fraternity organized a total of 35 events centered on community service, DEI advocacy and professional development opportunities. Their philanthropic initiatives are primarily focused on giving back to the Greater Lansing area, including volunteering at Haven House East Lansing, a housing shelter, and writing letters to hospitalized victims after Feb. 13, 2023. A highlight of the fraternity’s recent endeavors has been its increased focus on mental health awareness. Its Member Wellness committee has worked diligently to establish a safe space through wellness check-ins, feedback forms and events featuring professional wellness coaches.

Cultivating diversity and empowering minority students

The Broad International Student Council, a recent addition to Broad’s array of student organizations, joined forces with Native American and Hispanic Business Students to host their first collaboration event. The two organizations are united by a shared goal of creating valuable career opportunities for international and minority students. Last spring, they partnered to orchestrate their inaugural joint trip to Chicago. This year, the effort continues, along with Multicultural Business Students joining the 2024 trip to Chicago.

“The corporate spring trip gave minority and international students the ability to envision a future in a major U.S. city. Roughly three quarters of students in attendance had never been to Chicago previously,” NAHBS executive president and hospitality business senior Diana Talamantes-Valles said. “We ensured the companies we visited offered sponsorship and visa support for the international students in attendance. This helped them discover companies they could see a realistic and stable future with.”

During this trip, 36 students had the unique opportunity to connect with companies committed to an inclusive work environment and pursuing diverse talent. Over the course of three days, students visited companies spanning various industries, including Crowe, CohnReznick, Proxima, Coyote Logistics, Hyatt Regency Chicago and Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants. This joint endeavor solidified the relentless efforts and visionary goals of both organizations. The trip made substantial contributions to the professional development and networking of marginalized students, representing a significant milestone for both groups as DEI advocates.

Many Broad Spartans are actively enhancing their community through the college’s 50+ student organizations.

Transforming communities on and beyond campus

Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations works closely with many other service-oriented organizations on campus. Its primary focus is to optimize the experience for its student members, the campus community and its clients. SCNO is dedicated to fostering the long-term sustainability of nonprofit organizations by devising and implementing strategies to address their most pressing challenges, which include fundraising, financial management and volunteer retention.

SCNO president and marketing senior Claudia Lim said, “Over my four years at SCNO, I worked with excellent team leads and project managers. Through that, I gained valuable skills in client interaction, team management and creative problem solving. SCNO has been important in my personal and professional growth, providing me with networking opportunities with great companies and alumni. It has helped shape my college experience, helping me figure out what I wanted to do and connecting me with great people in the organization.”

SCNO’s impact transcends geographical boundaries, as the consulting group works with organizations on both domestic and international fronts. Throughout the fall and spring semesters, SCNO assisted six domestic organizations and five international organizations. A noteworthy accomplishment was its partnership with a newly established nonprofit organization in Uganda. The group provided financial validation, contributed to website development and facilitated connections to sanitation and water purification entities. This support enabled the nonprofit to offer education, housing and meals to orphans and underprivileged families in Mbale, Uganda. SCNO’s engagement with this organization spanned three semesters, exemplifying students’ dedication to delivering optimal strategies and ensuring effective implementation.

Forging a new path

Leading a new student organization can bring both excitement and apprehension, but for student leaders in Black and Broad, it has become a transformative journey of empowerment, community building and collaboration. The organization — launched in 2022 — empowers students to voice their concerns, seek solutions and forge meaningful connections and creates program initiatives that enhance participation and opportunities for Black students.

President and human resource management junior Kennedi Bryant reflected that “Black and Broad has been instrumental in creating a supportive community for its members. We provide a platform for networking, mentorship and collaboration among minority students within the Broad community.”

A pivotal event for Black and Broad was the Conversation About Money and Power event hosted in conjunction with Rising Black Men, a non-business student organization. The event facilitated a discourse on financial literacy among diverse and underrepresented students, while also expanding the outreach of Black and Broad beyond its core business focus.

Igniting the next generation of entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurship Association welcomes Spartans across all majors who have a strong passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. The association’s events continuously adapt to student interests and are tailored to the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship. Beyond attending educational and social events, members are actively encouraged to embark on entrepreneurial endeavors in collaboration with business incubators at MSU.

Co-president of MSUEA and finance junior Kevin Burnett said, “Being part of MSUEA has enriched our college experience by providing a supportive community, hands-on learning experiences and exposure to real-world entrepreneurship. The organization has been instrumental in shaping our entrepreneurial mindset and facilitating networking opportunities.”

In 2023, the MSUEA hosted PitchMania!, an amateur pitch competition featuring five finalists and cash prizes totaling $1,350. In a high-stakes showcase, each finalist team had five minutes to present their pitch to a panel of three judges. Further highlighting the association’s innovative spirit is the introduction of UpFront, a speaker series. MSUEA invited many startup founders and CEOs to offer insights and network with students. The speakers shed light on the intricacies and potential challenges of starting business ventures and helped students navigate the journey of entrepreneurship.

Uniting student leaders

An honorable addition to the list of student organizations is the Broad Leadership Council, consisting of all leaders of each organization. The diversity of student leaders aids in cross-organizational communication and efforts to improve student life. In essence, this council serves as a unifying force, solidifying the endeavors of all student organizations throughout the college.

In 2023, many Broad student organizations left their mark through their commitment to community service. These are just a few examples of how our students are inspiring the future of business and making a difference. As 2024 continues, the promise for more impactful initiatives awaits!

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