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What we’re looking for in an MBA candidate’s application.

Our MBA admissions team takes a holistic approach to consider an MBA applicant for admission to the program.

MBA Application Deadlines

The Full-Time MBA and STEM MBA program accepts applications in different rounds over the course of one cycle. Applications for Fall 2024 are now closed.

Applications for Fall of 2025 will open on August 1st, 2024.

Full Time MBA Application Deadlines 2024-25. Round 1 application deadline: October 7, 2024 Round 1 decisions mailed by: November 11, 2024 Round 2 application deadline: November 25, 2024 Round 2 decisions mailed by: January 31, 2025 Round 3 International App Deadline: February 17, 2025 Round 3 decisions mailed by: March 28, 2025 Round 4 Domestic Apps Only Deadline: April 7, 2025 Round 4 decisions mailed by: May 16, 2025

Application Process

Steps to Apply

  1. Optional: Take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Graduate Record Examination (GRE), or Executive Assessment (EA). Note: For dual degree applicants the LSAT and MCAT are acceptable forms of standardized tests. GMAT/GRE waivers info 
  2. Complete and submit the online application and pay the $85 application fee. 
  3. Schedule a virtual evaluative interview if/when you are selected. 

Online Application


Details on how to apply/application FAQ’s

How to Apply

Application Components

The application includes the following components, which are described in further detail on this page:

Academic Record


GMAT, GRE or EA Test Score (if applicable)


Recommendations / References

English Language Proficiency Test Score (if applicable)

Academic Record

The Broad of College of Business considers each applicant’s undergraduate transcript, with special attention given to the last two years. The average GPA for the final two undergraduate years is 3.4 on a 4.0 scale. 

We require students to have completed a four-year undergraduate degree. Candidates with a three-year undergraduate degree and a master’s degree are also eligible to apply. 

We consider graduate-level work but do not allow transfers from other MBA programs or candidates who already have an MBA or an MBA equivalent from another institution. 

The Full-Time MBA and STEM MBA program will accept uploaded scanned copies of your academic records for admissions purposes. If you are admitted to the Full-Time MBA/STEM MBA program, we will then require all original documents to be sent to the program office. 

Note: Applicants who graduated from a U.S. university can have electronic transcripts sent directly to Michigan State University’s Central Admission Office through a transcript service such as AVOW or eScrip-Safe. 


One copy of a current one-page resume is required and should detail: 

  • Professional experience
  • Academic credentials and related accomplishments
  • Pertinent biographical data

We strongly recommend a minimum of two years’ full-time work experience after a candidate has earned an undergraduate degree. The average admitted student has four years’ work experience. The quality of work experience is closely scrutinized, with an emphasis on:

  • Professional career progression
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership experience
  • Quantifiable business results

The admissions team occasionally will consider applicants with nontraditional full-time work experience prior to or during their undergraduate program.

Additional accomplishments to be noted in the resume that can enhance an applicant’s chances of success include:

  • Work-related or professional awards
  • Scholastic awards, accomplishments and publications
  • Community service work
  • Youth development and mentoring
Full-Time MBA student Travis Martin leaning on desk in tiered classroom

GMAT or GRE Test Score

The average GMAT score for the most recent incoming class was 665 (with a median of 670). We do not have a required minimum score. Starting in November 2023, GMAT Focus Edition will be accepted. If you are submitting with a GMAT Focus score, leave the Analytical Writing Assessment score blank within the application. We will not have an average GMAT Focus score until next fall. A GMAT or GRE score alone does not guarantee or deny admission to the program.

GMAT Code for Full-Time MBA: QH0-5P-76 MBA (Q-H-ZERO-FIVE-P-SEVEN-SIX)

GRE Code for Michigan State University: 1465

Executive Assessment

Note: The Broad Full-Time MBA program accepts candidates with strong work experience and other admission criteria in lieu of the standardized test score.

GMAT Waiver Information


Two essays are required: a written essay and a video essay. The essays help determine whether a candidate is a good fit for the program’s curricular strengths and team-intensive environment.

Essay Questions (Entering Class Fall 2024)

Essay A – Written Essay (Required)

What are your short-term career goals and how will the Full-Time MBA program at Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business help you achieve them? Please answer in 500 words or less.

Essay C – Written Essay (Optional) 

Discuss how your personal and professional experiences connect to your candidacy for the Broad MBA. 

Please answer this question in 350 words or less if you feel your application for admission does not adequately represent you. 

If you are requesting an English proficiency waiver, please use this essay to explain in 350 words or less why you should receive an English proficiency waiver. 


Video Essay (Required) 

The video essay provides an applicant the ability to demonstrate in their own words who they are and what they bring to the Broad MBA program. In addition, the video essay is an interactive way to complete an essay in a relatively short period of time. Each applicant will complete one short video essay question with two minutes to respond to each question.  


Once the question is asked, there will be a delay to respond. The question will appear on the screen for reference. 

The question response does not need to take the entire two minutes. If you have time remaining once complete, click on the “stop recording” button to end the recording. 

Please be concise with your response. The recording will automatically stop after two minutes. 

If you are not satisfied with your first response, you can elect to have a second question prompt to record a final response for your video essay.

We estimate the video essays will take 5-10 minutes to complete – which includes time for set-up and answering all the questions. 

And finally, remember to dress professionally, sit in a well-lit area, look at the camera, relax, and be yourself. 


Recommendations / References

We require one reference but recommend two references. We ask for references (preferably supervisors) that can attest to your ability to work within and lead teams, as well as to contribute significantly to a professional business environment. Your reference should be able to provide specific information on your professional and intellectual skills and abilities. Employment-related references are strongly encouraged. 

All candidates are required to fill in the names and contact information of their references on the online application. Please advise your recommender that you will be using them for a recommendation for your Broad MBA application. We will send them a form by email to fill out with their recommendation.

The Full-Time MBA/STEM MBA program office may call your references/recommenders to speak to them during the application cycle. Please inform your references/recommenders to expect a call from the Michigan State University MBA program during the application cycle (not all references will be contacted).

Full-TIme MBA alumna posing in front of a shimmering backdrop.

Evaluative Interview

Once past the initial screening process, applicants will be contacted for an evaluative interview by the admissions staff.

During the interview, the candidate will be assessed on:

  • Attitude
  • Professionalism
  • Ability to work well with people
  • Perceived fit with the MBA program

You must fill out an admissions application prior to scheduling an interview. After the school receives your application, we will contact you if you are extended an invitation to proceed to the evaluative interview. 

Interviews are held from September through June and will be conducted via Microsoft Teams or on campus. 

What You Can Expect during the Interview

Broad MBA admissions representatives conduct the interview and will ask you a common set of questions used for all interviewees. Your interpersonal skills and communication skills are at least as important as the specific content of the interview. The tone of the interview is relaxed and conversational, typically lasting around 30 minutes. Within this session, you will have ample time to ask any questions you may have about Broad or the MBA program. While lowkey in tone, we expect that you will treat our evaluative interview process as you would a professional interview. 

Interview on Campus

If you prefer to come to campus to interview for the Broad MBA, you are able to do so. Please indicate your preference to interview on campus when you receive your invitation to interview. We will set up an appointment for you with an admissions officer at our office in the Minskoff Pavilion. 

Interview Online

You will have an interview with an admissions representative via your computer. We will get a better impression of who you are and what you can bring to the program. Virtual interviews are held on Microsoft Teams. 

Dress Code

Professional attire is expected when doing your interview.

Missed Interviews

MBA candidates who notify the Broad MBA program of a scheduling conflict at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled interview will be allowed to reschedule, according to the interview slots that are available — with no penalty. 

MBA candidates who miss their scheduled interview without notifying the Broad MBA program beforehand will be denied if contact is not made with the program staff according to the details below (we will not contact you). If contact is made by the end of the next business day and if the candidate presents an acceptable excuse as determined by the program, another interview will be accommodated; however, the candidate will be relegated to the end of the current interview-scheduling queue. If the candidate’s excuse for missing the interview is deemed unacceptable, the Broad MBA program reserves the right to deny the applicant immediately and summarily. 

English Language Proficiency Test Score

International applicants must meet all of the above requirements. In addition, we ask international applicants to provide a score from any of the following testing agencies:

  • PTE
  • Duolingo

International Admissions Criteria

We take pride in our veterans and value their contributions to the program’s fabric.

The Broad Full-Time MBA program can help you apply your military experience to a civilian career, maximizing your investment in yourself and preparing you for future challenges.

Benefits for veteran applicants  

If you are an international applicant, we have some additional criteria. International applicants to the Broad MBA program must meet particular conditions for academic transcripts and English language proficiency.

International student criteria  

You received a world-class degree from a top Big Ten university. We invite you to consider the Broad Full-Time MBA program.

We’re here to help you with the admissions process. As an incentive, we offer all MSU alumni who are applying special benefits.

Benefits for MSU alumni applicants  

Individuals who applied unsuccessfully to the Broad Full-Time MBA/STEM MBA program are eligible to reapply. 

All re-applicants are eligible for an application fee waiver. Please contact Beth Thomas at for an application fee waiver (which cannot be applied retroactively).   

If you have any questions about the reapplication process, please contact Beth Thomas at (517) 355-6556 or

Michigan State’s Full-Time MBA and STEM MBA is seeking high-caliber individuals with strong communication and interpersonal skills. The Broad MBA is looking to build an MBA class with diverse experiences, talents, and perspectives. MBA candidates will be considered for admission without a GMAT or GRE score.

The Broad Full-Time MBA/STEM MBA program would like to recognize applicants from certain backgrounds that exemplify community and military service. Applicants from certain organizations and backgrounds identified can apply and have their application fee paid for by the MBA program. We also offer application fee waivers to those who attend any of our admissions events.

GMAT Waivers